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to my world of art where my computer is my canvas.

Digital Art

is contemporary art in which computer technology is used in a wide variety of ways to make distinctive works.


Photo Restoration

is the practice of restoring a photograph which has been damaged by natural, man made, or environmental causes or simply affected by age or neglect.


Photo Restoration

Are you are looking to retouch that “almost” perfect photograph, restore that stained, scratched, water damaged, moldy, faded or old torn photo – our digital photo restoration service can help you preserve these images for generations to come.

  • We can restore:
  • Faded black & white and sepia-toned photos – by reviving them with strong tones and renewed contrast.
  • Faded colour photos – by restoring the colour, or in severe cases, converting to striking black & white.
  • Scratched or torn photos – by carefully retouching the damaged areas.
  • Incomplete photos – in some cases, photos can be rebuilt from pieces or description.

You can see samples of my work below.

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